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Ship Repair

Marine and Offshore Services to keep your vessel in an excellent condition

Ship Repair

Feel the rapidness of solutions in action

We are ahead of providing services like marine diesel engine overhaul, deck machinery overhaul, engine room machinery overhaul, pump overhaul, ship deck & hull repairs, any type of fabrication, pipe works and pressure tank fabrication.

Our team has a very quick response to any emergencies and able to rush out repairs in any unforeseen circumstances during alongside or at anchorage. We are also providing Riding squad for voyage repair like Aux engine overhaul, Steel works, Pipe line works, tank cleaning, etc

We have planned to support technically for various amendments & regulations with RETROFIT jobs.


Types of Services We Offer

  • Steel Renewal/Pipe Line Renewal job at deck/hull & engine room including class survey job.

  • Cargo Crane/Provision Crane Job including grab works & cargo block, Sheave renewal job.

  • Hatch covers job/Hydraulic Ram Job including roller/Seal Renewal/hydraulic job.

  • Mooring winch/anchor windlass job including brake pad renewal job.

  • Replacement of Anchors & Anchor chains

  • Main engine & auxiliary engine repair/overhaul/de carbonization job.

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of all kind of SUS expansion joints /bellows

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