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Marine Technical Services

The little changes that will bring you large success. Explore our unlimited scope of technical solutions.

Range of our Technical Products

Feel the rapidness of solutions in action

Ecomax offers a wide range of solutions for your business. Alongside with professional experience, we tend to focus on the following aspects:

  • Freight forwarding

  • Strategic Planning

  • Consultancy

To get more information about other possible solutions for your business, please contact us directly or through the appointment.

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Why our Technical Services?

Your path to objectives should not be limited. Our strategies guarantee wide road of opportunities of how you can manage your business seamlessly. 

Speed in action

Up to 30% increased speed of delivery of your parcel. For your delivery times, delay should be a forbidden word, rather than a barrier.

Guaranteed Success

100% guaranteed success is easy to say. Our success comes from our past success, rather than a sentence.

Quality over price

Quality does not always come with high price. Our services are optimized to the nearest penny.


Have all of your duties for us to manage in a single contract. Forget about paperwork, all has to be straight to the point.

Minutes before launch

If you have any questions in mind, book an appointment or contact us. 15 minutes is all it takes to be confident in our competence.

Get an immediate response from an Ecomax representative

Call us

Do not hesitate to contact us via direct call to our representative.

Email Us

Send an inquiry to us about any request and we will reply asap!

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