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Ballast Water Treatment System

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Regulation D-2 of the IMO’s latest, revised G8 standard requires ships to comply with the following:

  • Each cubic meter of ballast water must contain <10 organisms which are bigger than or equal to 50 microns 

  • The ballast water must contain <10 organisms that are <50 microns but bigger than or equal to 10 microns per millilitre (ml).


We also consider the following amounts:


  • Vibrio Cholerae – less than 1 colony forming unit (CFU) per 100 ml;

  • E. Coli – less than 250 CFU per 100 ml;

  • Enterococci – less than 100 CFU per 100 ml.


8 Different Types of Filtration

Physical Separation

Systems removing microscopic and other sea life from the surface of the water and sediment.

Ultraviolet Systems

UV lights purify the water in the chambers.

Treatment by biocides

Effective oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides are added to water to remove harmful organisms.

Nitrogen Gas

This involves removing oxygen for the marine organisms to die.


High temperatures cause the organisms to "evaporate".

Plasma & Electric

Energy blasts kill the organisms.


High energy sounds kill the suspended organisms.


Magnetism separates the organisms from water.

4 Different Types of  Our Experts

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Why our services in BWTS Installation?

Your path to objectives should not be limited. Our strategies guarantee wide road of opportunities of how you can manage your business seamlessly. 

HAZMAT approved Engineeres

All HAZMAT Engineeres are  trained and certified to perform hazardeous material compliances functions.  Training requirements endorced in Subpart H of Part 172 of the HMR. The training requirements apply to hazmat employers and hazmat employees as defined in OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.120(e).


All Engineeres well certified by MAKER from training centeres for:

  • Concept, components and processes

  • Installation requirements

  • System integration: P&ID, pump curves and fitting

  • System integration: signals and software

  • Retrofit process

  • Maintenance and recommended spare parts on board


Our staff is well-qualified and can assist you in many languages. All provided information will be fully suited to your needs. Make sure to book the appointment through our website by clicking here.

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